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This is my favorite non-alcoholic margarita!

There are 101 reasons why a person might not want to consume alcohol – at the moment, personally, we are in a season of less alcohol consumption for a number of reasons: body health, mental health, young children at home, etc. And in this season of drinking less, I realized that having a fun, nuanced and really good margarita in your back pocket that is more than just a juice in a glass and that does not depend on alcohol is a very nice life improvement.

So basically, I do this all the time now. Several times a week. I keep my lime juice stocked, my simple syrup stocked, and it’s ready for me at a moment’s notice.

How it started: We were having friends over for the Super Bowl and we wanted a non-alcoholic margarita option for several of the friends in attendance. And I started googling.

A lot of the non-alcoholic margarita recipes that I found online were largely based only on juices and sparkling water, and although I’m sure they taste good, they don’t have that characteristic bitterness OR anything really interesting that happens with the flavor so that your mouth lights up with excitement and compensates for the lack of alcohol. I really wanted something more fun and special than just lime juice and orange juice with sparkling water.

So where we ended up is here:

lime juice
jalapeño coriander simple syrup – for warmth, and also for a fresh herbaceous flavor
tonic water – for a little bitterness and depth
an edge of Tajin – for texture, salinity and a quick heat stroke

Three ingredients, no alcohol, a really very happy mom here.

I love this drink so much – now I am officially declaring it my drink of the summer of 2023.

Can I Drink This Margarita If I Am Pregnant?

Yes, but you should use something else instead of tonic water.

As written, this margarita uses tonic water that contains quinine. This is what gives it a bitter flavor and prevents it from being too sweet. Since quinine is not recommended for consumption during pregnancy, I would probably recommend doing it with some kind of alternative.

Alternatives to tonic water:

  • Sparkling water like Topo Chico
  • Tonic water without quinine
  • A bitter sparkling water like Spindrift grapefruit or something similar
  • Sparkling juice, like Trader Joe’s watermelon juice

I promise it will still be delicious – I make it with tonic water subs all the time!

And congratulations!
Can I Use Non-alcoholic Tequila For This Margarita?

You could! I would just replace the tonic water with your tequila.

Personally, I don’t buy or drink non-alcoholic spirits just because they are expensive and we don’t use them often enough and historically, I haven’t always liked the taste of them. So personally I don’t use any NA subs.

I find that this combination of “regular” ingredients will make a great substitute for a margarita if you want to skip the alcohol, which is why I love this recipe! No special products required.
How Spicy Is This Margarita?

Not spicy at all. There is heat, and you can definitely taste the jalapeño in the syrup, but it’s not hot in the mouth spicy. If you WANTED it to be spicier, I would use a higher Tagine/salt/sugar ratio on the rim, and I would also add another jalapeño or two to the simple syrup!

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