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Do you want to watch your family melt in a puddle of happiness? Make a pan with these sweet potato corners.

Yes, the sauce too. I never lick the last drop from the glass.

But the fries, man. They are the greatest joy of my husband, my children and my office neighbors at the moment. I swear I’ll never be loved more than when I pull a pan of it out of the oven.

And with the fries you are not wrong – they are strangely simple and simply divine. But for me, this is also about stratification. Can we all agree that we should definitely eat more meals where dipping into a strong green sauce is just RIGHT? This method of sauce on the bottom will be my guide to bowl making this summer.

You take your coriander, some vinegar, some garlic. They make a mojo-inspired sauce (with avocado! delicious!) and pour it on the plate. Yes. Sauce on plates. It’s fun.

Then: everything you love in the world is stacked on top of it. You get the crispy pieces from the roasted sweet potato, you get the golden brown caramelized spots on those tasty little meatballs that you (if you are me) picked up at Costco, thank you very much, and you generously swipe every bite through this electric sauce.

It is a meal for taste lovers, simple lovers and sauce lovers. And fortunately, I am all three.

Is it spicy?

No, as written, this one is not sharp. But if you want it to be spicy, it would be fantastic with a jalapeño in it! I just keep it mild for my kids.
Which protein is best?

The two things I used are chicken meatballs or fried chicken. I also served this once with shredded pork and really enjoyed it (but that doesn’t make it SOS, because it takes a little longer to prepare).

Meatballs: I’ve been kind of out with the Amylu chicken meatballs lately, and both the teriyaki pineapples and the mango jalapeño are delicious here. Of course, we also love the POY baked chicken meatballs!

Fried chicken: Needs no explanation. My family loves a juicy, fried, boiling hot fried chicken and So do I.
What do you use to mix the sauce?

I LOVE my Ninja Mini Chopper (Affiliate Link). It’s not necessarily meant for sauces, but I use it for all kinds of quick sauce mixes – it’s so great. I’ve always been a die-hard food processor fan and I still am, but I would say 75% of the time I reach for this little guy when I just need to make a quick sauce!
How can you make it dairy-free and gluten-free?

It should be dairy-free and gluten-free as it is!

Things to check again: Your taco seasoning and meatballs or your fried chicken on added dairy or gluten.
How can you make this vegetarian?

Throw more veggies on the pan with these sweet potatoes and make an all-veggie lineup! Cauliflower, zucchini, mushrooms, peppers… so good!

For a vegetable protein, we really enjoy the meatless meatballs from ALDI!
How can you add more vegetables to this?

I will never try to influence you to make this simple green salad. It’s my favorite add-a-vegetable-to-a-meal solution.

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