I love baking cookies, especially during the holidays. I love turning on the Christmas music, lighting the tree and baking all my favorite Christmas cookies. Every year I do:

  • sweet ginger cookies
  • snowballs lime coconut
  • salted caramel snickerdoodles with brown butter
  • crunchy chocolate and peppermint cookies

  • soft peanut butter cookies
  • chocolate-dipped caramel shortbread
  • Mexican wedding cookies
  • peanut butter flowers

This cookie recipe is from Sally’s new cookbook, Sally’s Cookie Addiction, which is full of awesome cookies. When I saw these cookies, I knew they would be the perfect Christmas cookie and I was right! They are sure to be the star of every holiday cookie platter!

The boys loved helping me make these cookies. I let them roll the chocolate cookie dough balls in the sprinkles and they thought I was the best mom ever. I also let them help put the chocolate kisses in the center of the cookies after they came out of the oven. Of course, they sampled a few along the way:)

The cookies are very decadent, thanks to the rich chocolate cookie base and the chocolate kiss on top. Make sure you have a glass of cold milk at proximité…et be sure to leave a drink for Santa Claus too. I have a feeling Santa will love these cookies.

And these chocolate cookies are not just for Christmas. You can prepare them all year round by changing the sprinkles. You can use red, white and pink glitter for Valentine’s Day, green glitter for St. Patrick’s Day, pastel glitter for Easter or rainbow glitter for birthdays!

You can also use different flavored kisses in the center. Candy cane, mint, Hugs, almond… use your favorite! These fun cookies are perfect for any occasion!

Be sure to bake these cookies this holiday season, they are guaranteed to make everyone happy!

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