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Holy spicy crispness! This Chili Crunch tofu is crispy, sticky-sweet and delicious. Two main steps for this guy:

  • Bake the tofu.
  • Sauce the tofu.

The end! Happy day! They eat spicy, crispy tofu at the rockstar level with very little effort or thinking about the whole thing that the SOS series is about.

You can make the tofu as you like, but I highly recommend the cornstarch method for baking (my favorite method, as described in our tofu post), which is written in the recipe here. It is always wonderfully crispy, golden and the perfect canvas for your favorite sauce.

Speaking of sauce, this one couldn’t be easier.

  • Delicious sauce
  • Crispy chili
  • Honey (optional)

And that’s it. If you like to bet big on taste, you can also rub a raw clove of garlic into the sauce to get something special. The chili crisp I use (brand Momofuku (affiliate link)) has a bit of garlic, so I’m usually fine with leaving it at that, but we love flavor. WE INVITE TASTE. Add to your heart’s content.

I love making this chili crunch tofu for a quick protein-packed midweek dinner, and the leftovers are great for a repeated lunch with a second coat of sauce. And we make this recipe a family affair by simply dressing the tofu for the girls with the simple Yum Yum Sauce, which is creamy, sweet and mild and which they naturally love.

What do you serve with this Chili Crunch tofu?

I usually serve it on pre-cooked rice (SOS) or, if I have a little more time, I make cauliflower garlic rice, which you can see in the pictures here.

To make it: you simply roast store-bought cauliflower rice until it is golden and tasty, and then toss it with pre-cooked brown rice and a little garlic powder and salt (the recipe is also described in the Notes section of the recipe card above.)

That is, you can serve this tofu with anything – a salad, a bowl of vegetables or in a package! It would also be great in salad cups for salad wraps.
How to make this tofu gluten-free/dairy-free?

It should be dairy-free by nature, and to make it gluten-free, just use tamari or coconut aminos! But check the labels on your special brand of Yum Yum Sauce and your chili Crisp to make sure the rest is also gluten-free and dairy-free.
What can I submit for Yum Yum Sauce?

I buy Yum Yum Sauce (Affiliate Link) at Amazon, Target, Cub, Kowalski’s… many different grocery stores run it! At Target, it is stored from teriyaki sauce and soy sauce both in the chilled products / dressings section and in the global or international food section.

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